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About StillStatic

Our aim is to help you get your car lower without sacrificing drivability and comfort. We all have differing views on the amount we can lower our vehicles but can help you achieve a moderate drop or extreme drop! Most coilovers on the market are aimed at a ‘performance road’ setup. This generally means a hard ride with little damping limited lowering.

Some coilover suspension may be advertise a 100mm drop is possible, but often this is at the limit of the suspension and means dampers bottom out! Many coilovers simply do not go low enough without having to remove helper springs! Some suspension kits therefore advise a ‘minimum ride height’; StillStatic can get you lower without having to remove any suspension parts in the process and without sacrificing your ride quality.

There are many variations in coilovers that we can supply, but all are designed to be fully capable of both an average and low drop without sacrificing handling or damping. Some of our coilovers are designed so that even at their highest this will be lower than most coilover kits on the market. These are for use with the right fitment wheels and will require body work and chassis modifications, all of which we can advise you on and even arrange for you. The benefits of having a shorte coilover mean full damping and better wheel clearances between wheels and springs.

The simple fact is this. To get low you don’t have to sacrifice your ride quality, regardless of what height that is.