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Vossen cv4 wheelreflection silverpolished web

Vossen cv4 wheelreflection graphite web
Vossen cv4 wheelreflection machined web
Vossen cv4 angle silverpolished web
Vossen cv4 angle graphite web
Vossen cv4 angle machined web
Vossen cv4 anglereflection silverpolished web
Vossen cv4 anglereflection graphite web
Vossen cv4 anglereflection machined web


Bavarian multi-spoke styling meets Vossen’s trademark concave profile.

Colour Options Matt Graphite | Matte Graphite Machined

Available sizes; 20” x 9J | 20” x 10.5J

Bolt Patterns; 5-120 | 5-112 | 5-114

Vossen VVS CV4 Monoblock alloy wheels available in 3 finishes and come with a full 5 year workmanship warranty and lifetime structual warranty.

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