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  • £240.00 inc VAT

    H&R Transporter Deep Harder Rear Damper for Heavier Load ( Price Individually )T5/6 T25-30/32

    H&R uprated Deep rear damper made for StillStatic. Early version of deep coilovers had a softer rear damper setting which when carrying load could feel too soft, this uprated damper is now supplied with all new deep kits and can be purchased separately. Replacement dampers of the original version are still available p/n  4868500-R1 / 1 This uprated damper is built for vehicles that carry weight such as work vans and heavy campers, the damping rate is firmer than the oe setting of normal Coilovers. We run this damper on our own T6.1 Fits T5 03/03> Multivan, Transporter, California, LKW inc Facelift ( Type 7HK, 7HKXO,7HM,7HMA,7HC,7HCA,7JO,2WD+4WD ) Fits T6 2015> Multivan, Transporter, California, LKW inc Facelift ( Type 7HC,7HMA,7JO, 2WD+4WD ) Fits T6.1 2019> Multivan, Transporter, California, Beach ( Type1HC,7HMA,7LO,2WD+4WD )
    £240.00 inc VAT
    £240.00 inc VAT