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HYBRIDair; no compromises.

Think you’ve seen this before? Think again. HYBRIDair aren’t the first to affix a lift device to the top of a coilover, but are the first to nail the execution. The self-installable bolt-on device adds ZERO height to most coilover assemblies, yet provides up to 130mm of additional ride height at the touch of a button.

  • Adds zero additional height to most coilovers at 0 psi
  • Drive low at your normal coilover spring rate
  • Adjust ride height while driving
  • Drive with air in the system or completely aired out
  • 50-130mm max. lift (depending on suspension geometry)
  • Retain your original coilover setup

How Does Installation Work?

How Does Installation Work?

HYBRIDair Coilover Lift Kit

HYBRIDair Hideaway Air Management Kit

HYBRIDair Nano Management Kit