H&R Deep Coilover Kit for Audi R8 (2015–present: Type 4S) 40-95mm aluminium body hardness adjustable: Delete kit for MRC required

H&R Deep Coilover Kit for Audi R8 (2015–present: Type 4S) 40-95mm aluminium body hardness adjustable: Delete kit for MRC required

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H&R RSS Deep Coilovers

The H&R Deep Coilover Kit is designed to offer more lowering than normal version coilovers while still retaining comfort. H&R’s Deep Kits are derived from the suspension specialist’s championship-winning Race Kits and Ultra Low kits. They’re designed to improve performance when wound down. A Deep Kit will ensure you’re low without sacrificing handling or ride quality. A benefit of having a low coilover is that you dont need to use all the threads meaning more damper travel and better wheel clearance, StillStatic is the official UK reseller for H&R Deep Kits so we offer the correct advice and fitment.

This application has hardness adjustment. The image displayed may vary slightly from the delivered product.

The Product is a version that can achieve lowering beyond the H&R standard lowering adjustment range of 40mm. Due to vehicle-specific tolerances, additional work & modifications may be necessary on the vehicle. Any of those arising costs incurred in this regard will not be borne by H&R Special Suspension or StillStatic Limited.

After installation of coilover suspension, the clearance of drive shafts and the wheel/tyre combination to any kind of safety relevant parts, must be checked in all driving and max. load conditions.

If necessary, the vehicle ride height must be adjusted higher or the hardness of suspension travel must be additionally limited. In any case, however, the legally specified minimum ride heights on the vehicle must be observed (direction indicators, light beam angle etc calibrated).

H&R Special Suspension and / or StillStatic Limited accepts no liability for any damage that may occur as a result of non-compliance with the above points.

All suspension is made to order approx 2 weeks.

As this suspension is not compatible with the original MRC a Delete kit for MRC required.

It is possible to add front lift system from Hybridair with this coilover system. Please contact us for more information.

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