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The mbDESIGN MF1 wheel is a forged magnesium wheel that is well known for racing.

A special forging technology of the mbDESIGN magnesium rims brings numerous advantages.

Made from the high-tech material magnesium, wheels combine maximum stability with minimum weight. They are up to 30 percent lighter than conventional cast aluminum wheels. So the filigree MF1 wheel in the dimension 8.0 × 19 inches ET50 weighs just 7.15 kg – with a carrying capacity of 580 kg, this weight is record-breaking.

The wheels are not suitable for extreme winter operation and should therefore only be driven in summer.

When cleaning, you have to pay nothing and maintain the magnesium wheel like an aluminum rim.

However, as with an aluminum wheel, acidic rim cleaners should be avoided.

The low weight of the forged magnesium rims leads to a reduction of the unsprung mass, resulting in noticeably improved driving dynamics and a smoother running behavior of the entire vehicle. In addition, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the vehicles are reduced, with E-cars, the range thus increases. The Forged Magnesium rims by mbDESIGN are offered cheaper than some aluminum forged wheels. The reason for this is a new type of fully automated production geared towards high-speed and mass production.

The forged magnesium rim MF1 in 8.0 × 19 inches is TÜV tested and is even offered ABE.

This is the case with no other manufacturer.

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