MTS Suspension Adjustable Camber Castor Top Mounts BMW

MTS Suspension Adjustable Camber Castor Top Mounts BMW

£259.00 inc VAT

Adjustable camber / caster plates (front) BMW 5 Series / E34 Sedan
Adjustable camber / caster plates (front) MTS Technik for BMW 5 Series / E34 Sedan allows you to adjust the angle of inclination of the wheels relative to the ground and the lead angle of the kingpin.

Evolution 2 – the latest generation of MTS Technik top mounts.

When designing the new, improved upper mounts, we were inspired by the slogan ‘Daily stance – basic motorsport’. We wanted the product to have sports features (increased stiffness, new uniball bearing, angle adjustment) while minimizing the nuisance in everyday use and high aesthetics required by showcar event cars (aesthetic black-gold).

2 years warranty 2 year warranty with no mileage limit to confirm high quality.
High quality Suspension components characterized by increased corrosion resistance and made of the highest quality materials.
Top mounts with camber adjustment The camber plates allow the wheel angle adjustment and increase the precision of driving.