H&R Electronic Damping Delete Kit

H&R Electronic Damping Delete Kit

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H&R Cancellation Kits are used when the suspension of a vehicle with electronically regulated shock absorbers is replaced by a suspension with conventional shocks.

H&R Cancellation Kits, designed for EDC/ADC cancellation, prevent error messages which would arise when passive suspension components are used.  The function of the control unit/ECU remains fully intact.

  • Avoids error messages when changing the suspension
  • Only the standard damping control is discontinued and error messages will not appear in the ECU
  • Functions of the control unit fully remain
  • Kits are suitable for all chassis versions (hatch, sportback, estate, convertible, 2wd/4wd) unless specified differently.
  • Kit includes cancellation for both front & rear axles and includes mounting instructions.
  • Can be used with any manufacturer’s suspension kits, OE or aftermarket.