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  • £2,095.00£2,595.00 inc VAT

    Gepfeffert V3 Coilover VW Mk4 R32 4 Motion

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    Fits the following models:

    • VW Golf IV 4MOTION incl R32
    • Audi TT 8N (nur quattro)
    • A3 / S3 8L (nur quattro)
    Also available camber correction rear arms ( poa )  

    For more stability or ride comfort. With adjustable compression and rebound damping.

    The KW coilover suspension variant 3 "inox-line" is the ideal accessory for performance-oriented drivers and tuning enthusiasts who place a high demand on sportiness in their vehicles. The separately adjustable dampers in rebound and compression with their "TVR-A" and "TVC-A" technology allow extensive damper tuning. This makes it easy to directly influence turn-in behavior, directional stability, tire grip and handling characteristics to ensure safe controllability at the limit.  

    The® V3 coilover suspension made by KW

    Via the separately and independently adjustable compression and rebound damping, the damper setup can be adapted to individual preferences in driving behavior or also to vehicle changes, such as weight, tire characteristics or altered vehicle stiffness. Only through this unique patented system is true performance optimization possible. For example, the pressure damping force can be increased to demand more grip from the tire, improve turn-in behavior and reduce start-up pitching, without simultaneously changing the rebound damping that optimally matches the spring rate, which would have a grip-reducing effect and thus result in a loss of performance.  

    Technical information:

    - damping technology adjustable in the rebound stage in 16 exact clicks
    - damping technology adjustable in the compression stage in 12 exact clicks
    - Stainless steel technology inox-line
    - Individual, stepless lowering
    - tested adjustment range
    - ready-to-install complete solution
    - High quality components for long service life
    - complete documentation for easy use
    Note: The picture may differ from the delivered product
    This version offers more lowering range than the normal KW version. The Product is a version that can achieve lowering beyond the KW standard lowering adjustment range. Due to vehicle-specific tolerances, additional work & modifications may be necessary on the vehicle. Any of those arising costs incurred in this regard these will not be borne by KW automotive GmbH or StillStatic Limited After installation of coilover suspension, the clearance of drive shafts and the wheel/tyre combination to any kind of safety relevant parts, must be checked in all driving and max. load conditions. If necessary, the vehicle ride height must be adjusted higher or the rebound suspension travel must be additionally limited. In any case, however, the legally specified minimum ride heights on the vehicle must be observed (direction indicators, light beam angle etc calibrated). KW automotive GmbH and / or StillStatic Limited accepts no liability for any damage that may occur as a result of non-compliance with the above points.
    £2,095.00£2,595.00 inc VAT
    £2,095.00£2,595.00 inc VAT